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Andra Långgatan 21

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Open hours
Monday-Friday 12-6.30 pm
Saturday 12-17 pm

About us
Shelta is a store, creative collective and a solid street institution based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We first opened up our doors in the summer of 2004. Behind Shelta is years of passion and experience in deejaying, graphic design, skateboarding, music production, mixtape releases and club culture, and all of us working at Shelta today are all sharing the same passion for this culture.

With several years of experience behind us, we have created this spot straight from our hearts, exactly the way we want it. We strongly believe that it is not only important, but necessary, that every piece has a story, that there is an honest connection to the very source, and that you are always able to relate. At Shelta we carry just as much clothing and footwear, as a soundtrack, a vibe and a scent. Shelta is about all the inspiring people we meet and get to work with. It´s about finding out what sample that beat has used. It´s about catching that heelflip. And it is about a cup of coffee with our friends on the bench outside the store. Our vision is to teach, mix, and sometimes even to provoke, and our goal is that the inspiration around us will keep us feeding our customers with what we consider the very best contemporary street culture that this world has to offer.

Andra Långgatan
The neighbourhood around the street Andra Långgatan is important to us, and this area is pretty much our home where we eat, drink, party and hang out both day and night time. Andra Långgatan is situated near the dusty docks and fishing industry of blue-collar worker Gothenburg city, and the street has a wild history. Once upon a time there was a high wall at the beginning of the street, so that ordinary people didn´t have to see the misery consisting of whorehouses, porn shops, prostitutes and rowdy bars filled with drunk sea men who were docked for the night. Today the red-light district of Gothenburg has been cleaned up, and now the strip joints and sex shops share the street with loads of small creative businesses, designer stores, bars and restaurants. If you´re in Gothenburg do not hesitate to come visit this vibrant part of the city that even The New York Times has written an article about.